The Normand Leader (ex Rem Leader) has been chartered for four years firm plus three one-year options, with commencement scheduled for April 2018. The Normand Leader (pictured c/o S. William) is a VS 499 LNG PSV, delivered by the Kleven Verft Shipyard in Norway in 2013. She has a deck area of 1,020m², a deadweight of approximately 6,500 tonnes and an accommodation capacity for 24 persons.

This follows similar fixtures awarded to PSVs Normand Server and Normand Supporter in April. Those vessels were contracted for a firm period of four years and eight months, with three further one-year options available. The Normand Server and Supporter are both now on contract with ConocoPhillips. Seabrokers Chartering AS is proud to have been involved with all three of these contracts.