Would you like to work with us? We are constantly looking for new, talented employees

Desired Qualities

Common to all positions is that we seek employees who are focused on achieving results, have a knack for creating successful businesses, contribute to the quality of our deliveries, and are good team players. Having a sense of humor is an advantage.

Our Qualities

We work at a fast pace and collaborate well with each other. Our company organizations are characterized by an open-minded approach where new solutions and possibilities emerge. We applaud drive and creativity. We all contribute to a positive work environment where good spirits and inclusiveness are highly valued. We offer competitive terms, including pension and insurance schemes, along with other welfare benefits.

Get to know our employees.

Seabrokers Group consists of over 200 dedicated employees in Norway, United Kingdom and Brazil. Professions are in general evolving, and with us there is a need for both graduates and those who have long and good experience. We at Seabrokers believe in teams that complement each other and are happy for the breadth that we have with different people holding different backgrounds. Here are some of our employees.

Linn Terese Lohne Marken
Marketing Manager, Seabrokers Group

Worked in SBG since 2017. Likes to be active and cook.

Line Therese Byberg
Property Development, Seabrokers Property

Worked in SBG since 2023. Likes to hike and watch Netflix.

Eirin Utne
HSE-Q Manager, Seabrokers Fundamentering

Worked in SBG since 2023. Likes to go on walks and take photos.

Daniel Gøytil
Rig operator, Seabrokers Fundamentering

Worked in SBG since 2013, plays tuba and is an eager christian.

Runar Iversen
Ship broker, Seabrokers Chartering

Worked in SBG since 2022. Likes to be on the ocean and go skiing.

Michael Martins
Renewable Manager, Seabrokers Ltd., Aberdeen

Worked in SBG since 2021. Likes clay shooting and family time.

Torkel Serigstad Nilsen
Janitor, Seabrokers Services

Worked in SBG since 2011.

Karoline Ravnøy
Receptionist, Seabrokers Services

Worked in SBG since 2022. Likes to work out and go for walks.

Roberta Souza Oliveira
Senior Shipbroker, Seabrokers Chartering

Worked in SBG since 2014. Likes to hike in beautiful scenery.

Seabrokers culture

In Seabrokers there should be something for everyone, whether you are an elite athlete, you like to go hiking, or that cultural life and entertainment are what fires you up the most.

We are part of Bedriftsidretten and have several groups for the employees doing cycling, golf, running, walking and various sporting and social events.
Relationships and networks are created through common interests, both in the office and outside the office.

We want our employees to know the history and breadth of the company, and we continuously share information about what is happening in the different companies across the group.

We are constantly collaborating and creating new relationships together, and we always work to make each other better.

Get to know the company

The company Seabrokers was established in 1982 when fishing boats and older supply vessels were converted into support vessels for the offshore industry.

Through the companies that make up Seabrokers Group, we currently provide services within shipbroking, property development, property management, foundations, geo-energy, harbor cranes and heavy lift machinery, ocean monitoring and autonomous transport.