Technology & Solutions

iVTMS is a modern ship traffic management system that extends the standard set of tools and features.

Technology & Solutions

iOSMS is an innovative web-based system for monitoring oil spills. The main purpose of the system is to detect oil spills and track them over time.

Technology & Solutions

Ex(p)- or Ex(s)-Radomes are used for all types of monitoring equipment that need an Ex-protected enclosure for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Technology & Solutions

Radar Dome is a system primarily designed for X-band Radar. It is built to withstand all weather conditions.

Technology & Solutions

Vision Master and VMNet (IP-Based) are surface search radars designed to provide navigation for commercial and military vessels.

Asbjørn Olav Haram
General Manager
Terje Urnes
Software Developer
Kenneth Dyngeland
Electrical management and QA manager
Espen Harlinn
Software Architect
Svein Sælensminde
Ship service engineer
Inge Leon Gjerde
Ships and Offshore service coordinator
Eivind Knudsen
Service and Project Engineer

Flere benytter Radar Radomer

Sea Surveillance skal levere Radar Radomer til Terma for bruk på Yggdrasil utbyggingen

We deliver Ex(s)-Radome to Elcome India

Based on Sea Surveillance’s unique design and expertise, they chose to go with a supplier that has delivered systems in both Arctic and tropical regions.

Sea Surveillance • 29/06/2023 • News

Sea Surveillance selected as supplier of Robin Radar

The radar will provide a good picture of the migratory bird situation in the Tampen area.

Sea Surveillance • 29/06/2023 • News

Extended framework contract with Equinor

Equinor has extended the framework contract with Sea Surveillance for another 4 years, 2022-2026.

Sea Surveillance • 29/06/2023 • News