Seabrokers Chartering
The Global Shipbroker

We offer services in shipping and brokering markets from our team of experienced brokers.

Seabrokers Real Estate
Commercial properties with an environmental focus

We are one of the regions largest property developers and manage over 240.000 m² commercial properties in Forus.

Seabrokers Services
Carefree facility management

We offer services in administration, property management, and commercial property leasing.

Seabrokers Foundation
Everything within foundation

We offer services within piling, drilling, sheet piling and anchor drilling, jet grouting, and KC-piling.

Seabrokers Harbour Cranes
We are now Seabrokers Heavy Machinery

We are a reliable and versatile supplier of SANY products, cranes, construction, and cargo handling machinery in Norway.

Sea Surveillance
Secure sea surveillance

We offer software and integrated solutions for both offshore and land-based applications.

Linn Terese Lohne Marken
Marketing Manager, Seabrokers Group
Bjørnar Bjåstad
Finance Manager, Seabrokers Group
Marit Cecilie Albretsen
Managing Director, Seabrokers Chartering
Erik Christoffersen
Director / General Manager, Seabrokers Ltd., Aberdeen
Bruse Joachim Kverneland
Director / General Manager, Seabrokers Chartering, Stavanger
Asbjørn Haram Jr.
General Manager, Sea Surveillance
Ommund Vareberg
General Manager, Seabrokers Heavy Machinery
Ketil Solvik-Olsen
General Manager, Seabrokers Fundamentering
Rolf Aarthun
General Manager, Seabrokers Property
Lars Hagen
General Manager, Seabrokers Services


Seabrokers involved in a project in Italy

While Norwegian track and field stars excel at the European Championships in Rome, Seabrokers is in a project for new bridge

📣 Vi er stolte av å kunngjøre at Seabrokers Fundamentering har oppnådd ISO 45001 og ISO 14001-sertifiseringene! 🎉🏆

Det er med stor glede vi kan melde om at vi nå er ISO sertifisert.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 27/10/2023 • News

Seabrokers with a project in Sweden

The Seabrokers logo appears for the first time on an international project.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 27/03/2024 • News

Are you ready to dive into the future opportunities and challenges in shipping?

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming the Shipping Committee from BI Norwegian Business School Bergen at Seabrokers Chartering. Great discussions was held from all the dynamic aspects of finance and education, to the insight into a broker’s everyday life, including market trends and exciting future prospects. At Seabrokers Chartering we are proud to be […]

Seabrokers Chartering • 25/03/2024 • News