The Seabrokers companies, by the managing director, are responsible for the processing of personal data in the business. The daily responsibility can be delegated to subordinates. The delegation only includes tasks and not the responsibility.

Personal data processed

Seabrokers does not collect personal information such as date of birth and social security number, or other sensitive information from non-employees.

Examples of information collected:

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • Business address/billing address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Information about the use of the website, in the form of, among other things, which subpages are visited, browser settings, and IP address

Information about employees

Seabrokers processes personal information about its employees in order to administer payroll and personnel responsibilities. This is the responsibility of the managing director. Necessary information for payroll processing is recorded, such as basic data, salary level, time registration, tax percentage, and tax municipality. Other information about employees is related to their job description and facilitation of their work.

Also, information is recorded in connection with key administration of entries and exits, and information about access control in the IT system. The information is collected from the employees themselves. The information is only disclosed in connection with payroll payments and other statutory disclosures. Deletion routines for personal information follow the Accounting Act and the Archive Act. Information about name, position, and work area is considered public information and can be published on Seabrokers’ websites.

All job applications are processed in the individual company and are stored in their own folders. These are stored in our electronic archive for a maximum of one year before they are shredded. All other documents, including applicant lists and recommendations, are deleted after a maximum of 3 months. The managing director is responsible for this.

Exception: All former and current employees have a personnel folder in our archive system.

Here, among other things, the job application is archived/stored. Personnel folders should be preserved (i.e., the job application is not deleted or shredded). Personnel folders are tidied up at the end of the employment relationship. Access is limited to official need.

How is information collected?

Seabrokers collects information by the person concerned providing them/ via searches on the web or we get them from our contacts. This information is not sensitive.

The purpose of the information collected

  • To provide access to our products and services
  • To send relevant information
  • To contact and offer our products and services

We prepare information in order to offer you the most relevant products and provide good customer service. We do not profile the personal information we have.

How is the information stored?

The information collected is stored in our CRM system in documents and contact registers on the phone.

How is the information deleted?

Information that is not considered purposeful is deleted upon request by contacting our reception and showing valid ID.

Disclosure of information to third parties?

The personal data we have is not sold / transferred to third parties.


Everyone who asks has the right to basic information about treatments of personal data in a business according to the Personal Data Act. Seabrokers has provided this information in this statement and will refer to it in any requests. Those who are registered in one of Seabrokers’ systems have the right to access their own information. The person also has the right to request that incorrect, incomplete, or information Seabrokers does not have access to process is corrected, deleted, or supplemented. Claims from the registered must be made with a visit to Forusbeen 78 with valid ID and corrected no later than within 30 days.

Contact Information

Phone: +47 51 80 00 00

Postal address: Seabrokers Holding AS. Forusbeen 78, 4033 Stavanger.