In 1982, a visionary young entrepreneur went on vacation.

Whilst on holiday, he got the idea that was not only a radical change, but also the beginning of a success story. He challenged established truths and dared to pave his own way because he saw a unique opportunity that would benefit multiple industries.

Fishing vessels and older supply ships were converted into offshore support vessels, and a joint sailing pool for offshore support vessels in the North Sea were established.

To see solutions for the benefit of the market, if necessary, with radical measures, became characteristic of Seabrokers.


Make waves

In Seabrokers Group we want to challenge established truths and create innovative solutions that have ripple effects in society and the industry.


To create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who find opportunities where others see challenges.

Seabrokers Group consists of a unique width of companies with employees who dare to challenge established truths whereby new solutions are created and new goals are set.

Our Values

Take a chance

(Ta sjansen)

We see opportunities, we like a good challenge, and enjoy moving outside of our comfort zone in favor of innovation. Sometimes we fall flat on our face, and that’s perfectly fine. Dare to fail, success is not achieved without it.

Continuously aim for improvement

(Topp forrige)

We aim to create a quality in our products and services that is so excellent that they sell themselves. This means raising the standard to such a high level that others are compelled to follow suit. Set the standard, don’t follow it.

Lead the way

(Vis vei)

We must treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. At Seabrokers, we want to be team players, lift each other up and be ambassadors for our own values. We don’t wait to see what others are doing, lets lead the way and be role models.