Seabrokers Chartering aims to be an open and inclusive workplace that promotes development, collaboration, and personal growth. We are a reliable partner that facilitates collaboration across industries and professions with people who thrive in a good work environment. We prioritize people and society.

Occupations change, and there is a need for both new graduates and those with extensive and valuable experience. At Seabrokers Chartering, we believe in teams that complement each other and bring out the best in each other. Our goal is to be visible in our local community, and through our engagement, we strive to contribute to a more inclusive society where differences are reduced.


Corporate Social Responsibility
A responsible corporate citizen

With a focus on people, work environment, and society.

Sustainability goals
With the future in mind

At Seabrokers Chartering, we actively work towards achieving our goals for a sustainable future.

Health, Safety & Environment
Quality in every aspect

Seabrokers Chartering aims not only to meet but exceed our customers' expectations by providing them with quality products and services.