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Located centrally in Forus Business Park, Seabrokers owns a 240 000 m² plot of land and approximately 210 000 m² of office and commercial buildings.

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One of the regions largest property developers

We have taken the lead in the development of forward-looking and environmentally friendly solutions.

Frode Ragnvald Albretsen
Managing Director / Chairman
Rolf Aarthun
General Manager
Gisle Obrestad
Property Development
Gunnar Block Watne
Property developer
Bjørnar Holmvik
Property Developement
Line Therese Byberg
Property Development

ABB inn som ny leietaker i Vestre Svanholmen 14

Seabrokers Eiendom er svært fornøyde med å få inn ABB i Vestre Svanholmen 14 – vårt pionèrbygg

📣 Vi er stolte av å kunngjøre at Seabrokers Fundamentering har oppnådd ISO 45001 og ISO 14001-sertifiseringene! 🎉🏆

Det er med stor glede vi kan melde om at vi nå er ISO sertifisert.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 27/03/2024 • News

Seabrokers Property is growing

Koppholen 23 is now a part of Seabrokers Property growing portfolio.

Seabrokers Eiendom • 13/02/2023 • News, News

Seabrokers representatives on Løvebakken

Seabrokers highlight our view on extremely high electricity prices.

Seabrokers Eiendom • 26/09/2022 • News, News