– We are now carrying out extensive jet grouting for OHLA on the metro project in Stockholm. This is a huge development with partially complicated ground conditions. Such tasks excite us a bit more. We have brought rigs, personnel, and equipment from our Jetgrunn team, and I am proud of how our team is handling the task. The cooperation with OHLA has been very good – they have been professional, and communication has gone smoothly. For us, there has been a bit more paperwork than usual since we have to enter the Swedish public systems, but this has also been managed reasonably effectively,” says Ketil Solvik-Olsen, managing director of Seabrokers Fundamentering.

– It is a recognition that we win assignments in Sweden. I am very pleased that our focus on several specialties within foundation work is bearing fruit. The integration of Jetgrunn into our foundation family has gone very well, and there is no doubt that Lars Hoksrud is a recognized resource in the professional communities. We have high competence and price ourselves very competitively. This strengthens both us and our partners.

Jetgrunn was included in Seabrokers Fundamentering last year and is a step towards securing the position as the leading Norwegian company in jet grouting and special services within foundation work. Through the acquisition, we have managed to combine Jetgrunn’s expertise and experience with Seabrokers’ large machinery and broad portfolio.

– We are already seeing construction projects that require a greater mix of foundation solutions. As soon as we finish in Stockholm, a new project awaits in Oslo where we will combine jet grouting with our more traditional solutions.”

Seabrokers Fundamentering is committed to being the preferred partner in construction projects across the country. Over time, the company has developed into one of the major Norwegian players in foundation work such as sheet piling, drilling, and piling. In the last two years, the company has further strengthened its focus on energy wells, KC piling, horizontal drilling, rock reinforcement, and jet grouting.

About Seabrokers Fundamentering:

Seabrokers Fundamentering is a nationwide, fully Norwegian company with headquarters in Forus, and branch offices in Bamble, Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim. The company delivers everything within foundation work – from piling, sheet piling, and drilling to KC piling, jet grouting, and directional drilling. They are also one of Norway’s largest in energy wells.