Since the establishment of Seabrokers Group in 1982, our focus has been sustainable innovation.

We have been at the forefront of new technology and environmentally friendly solutions at all times, and we will continue our commitment towards a more sustainable world.

Seabrokers Chartering

Seabrokers Chartering has developed the first azimuth-driven anchor handler, which is more fuel-efficient and has paved the way for greener offshore vessels. Together with shipowners and shipyards, we have developed the largest LNG PSV (liquefied natural gas platform supply vessel), and we are heavily involved in the development of battery solutions and other energy-efficient solutions for the offshore market. Seabrokers Chartering has also developed vessels and travel systems that evaluate and monitor CO2 emissions.

Seabrokers Services

Seabrokers Services manages over 300,000 square meters of commercial buildings. We have a focus on sustainability by reducing food waste, limiting the use of disposable products, phasing out plastic items, and controlling the use of potentially harmful chemicals. We aim to contribute to solutions that reduce our carbon footprint and increase our knowledge of new green technology and sustainable solutions. Our vehicle fleet is currently 85% electric, and by the end of 2023, our ambition is to reach 100%. Seabrokers Services is a significant purchaser of electricity. Therefore, we have ensured that all the electricity we purchase comes with a 100% renewable energy guarantee. As a customer, you can report zero CO2 emissions for the electricity you use.


Seabrokers took the initiative to test autonomous buses as part of the public transportation solutions in Forus, with the aim of increasing the usage of collective transportation. Mobility Forus (formerly Forus PRT) was established, and in collaboration with Kolumbus and Forus Næringspark, Norway’s first project with autonomous buses was launched. Over the course of 6 years, the company has built unique expertise and experience in implementing new technology in mobility.

Harbour Cranes

Seabrokers Harbour Cranes has recently been ISO 14001 certified. We work to assess the environmental aspect in all operations and are implementing electric and hybrid cranes in all Norwegian ports.

Real Estate

Seabrokers Real Estate has a strong focus on green buildings, and we are among the first members of the Green Building Alliance. Two of our buildings are highlighted by Enova and trade press as excellent examples of energy-efficient buildings. An average Norwegian office building consumes around 250 kWh/year per m², while Vestre Svanholmen 14 (Aibel building) requires only 108 kWh in comparison. Energy savings provide tenants with economic, environmental, and reputational benefits. We have also incorporated smart solutions in all our older buildings to reduce energy consumption.


Seabrokers Piling/Foundation is constantly working to improve the industry, such as through the use of biofuels, steel reuse, and the introduction of electric vehicles. We collaborate with academia to develop enhanced thermal energy wells. Seabrokers Piling/Foundation specializes in building re-foundation, extending the lifespan of properties, and repurposing old buildings, thereby reducing the overall footprint and the use of concrete.

Offshore Wind Hub

Seabrokers, together with partners, has established the Egersund Energy Hub, Norway’s first training facility for wind power. This center focuses on environmental technology and renewable energy, with a primary emphasis on operations and maintenance within onshore and offshore wind power.

Maritime Surveillance

Seabrokers Sea Surveillance has developed a system that can monitor and detect potential offshore oil spills, as well as monitor navigation and environmental safety. This system is integrated into several rigs.


Skagen Ship Consulting works to optimize new aquaculture vessels for improved performance and reduced emissions. We collaborate with designers and shipyards to find efficient solutions for a greener future.

Health, Safety & Environment
HSE is ingrained in our core values

At Seabrokers, everyone is responsible for ensuring that health, safety, and environmental aspects are taken care of.

Sustainable Development Goals
With a focus on the future

In Seabrokers Group, we conduct our work with consideration for climate and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility
A responsible corporate citizen

With a focus on people, work environment, and society.