We aim to be visible in our local community, and through our social engagement, we strive to contribute to a more inclusive society where differences diminish and everyone is included. The program we currently support focuses on children and youth in both grassroots and elite sports, as well as in innovation, education, and the workforce of the future. We support today’s and tomorrow’s heroes!

Based on our sponsorship philosophy, we currently have sponsorship and partnership agreements with:

To apply for sponsorship funding, please fill out the Google form. Applications are reviewed twice a year, and the deadline for submission is May 15th and October 31st t. If you are an employee, please inform in the application

About us
Forward-thinking and skilled employees

In Seabrokers Group, we emphasize teamwork and knowledge sharing across industries and companies.

Vision & Values
Innovative solutions that make waves

To see solutions for the benefit of the market, if necessary, with radical measures, became the characteristic of Seabrokers. Now, 40 years later, we can look back at many ambitious and audacious visions that have been well and truly realized.

Collaboration across industries

The management team consists of the daily managers of the companies in the group, creating greater synergies and collaboration across industries.

Our history

Seabrokers was established in 1982 when fishing vessels and older supply ships were converted into offshore support vessels for the oil and gas industry.

Press Contact

We are available to answer any questions regarding Seabrokers Group and our companies.

Open positions
We offer various career opportunities

As an employee at Seabrokers, you have the opportunity to become part of an international company.

Get to know our employees

Seabrokers Group consists of over 200 dedicated employees in Norway, United Kingdom and Brazil. Here are some of our employees.

An active supporter

Seabrokers Group is committed to contributing to positive social initiatives.