Seabrokers’ vision “Make Waves” is more than being Market leaders in multiple industries, it’s also about being a positive force that contributes to solutions that not only improve the lives of individuals, but also strengthen society as a whole.

It is important to us to make a real difference, together we can create a better future.

SUS has a growing patient group tied to the Dialysis Department, with extensive treatments for the patients weekly. The treatment, which is both demanding and invasive, is vital and absolutely crucial for survival.

The treatment also includes exercise, which is very important for the patient, and we are pleased to contribute to 2 dialysis bicycles that we know have been highly requested. In a study with organized exercise, participants managed to increase their walking distance by 20 meters in a 6-minute walking test, and a 6% reduction in mortality and hospital admissions was found. 20 meters might not sound like much, but it can mean a lot for the patients.

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