Seabrokers Chartering

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Offshore Chartering
An Innovative Shipbroker

Seabrokers Chartering has over 40 years of experience in shipbroking, and we offer a wide variety of services to our customers.

OSV (Offshore Support Vessels)

Solutions for spot- and term

Newbuilds / conversions

With in-house expertise in newbuild projects, Seabrokers can deliver newbuild vessels worldwide

Offshore Rigs

Various solutions within the rig market


Solid subsea expertise

Sale & Purchase

Seabrokers provide valuations in the OSV sector.


Seabrokers provide ship valuations in the Shipping and OSV sector.

Seabrokers Renewables
Your preferred partner in the green transition

Our unbeatable position in the offshore support vessel industry makes Seabrokers Chartering your natural partner in all phases of the green transition.

Aquaculture Shipbroking and maritime services

Our subsidiary, Skagen Ship Consulting, enhances efficiency in shipbuilding and maritime projects for shipowners and aquaculture operators.

Project financing
Project financing in shipping

We assist you with advisory services and project development.

Seabay / SeaPortal
Marine Logistics Software

We offer unique digital services that make a difference in your daily operations.

Market Analysis
The right decision at the right time

We provide the most up-to-date market information based on data from our own in-house analysts.

Seabrokers Services

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Operations Management service
The Key to Everything You Need

Our operations managers ensure that you, as a customer, receive the requested services according to the agreement.

Reception service
Expertise and Knowledge with a Smile

We offer full-service receptions staffed by highly qualified personnel.

Property Care taker services
A Professional Touch

Our property caretakers are employees with a high level of service and broad professional competence.

Cleaning services
When nothing is clean by chance

We have clear quality standards for the cleaning services we provide, and we do it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Office Support services
Tailored office services

So that you can focus on your core business.

Canteen services
Bon Appétit

Our goal is to create the experience of having your own restaurant at the workplace.

Post delivery and Goods handling
Handling whatever comes your way

Our experienced staff ensures that the customer receives the goods at the right time and in the right quantity.

Pick up & Delivery services
We handle post and package delivery

Seabrokers Services also has dedicated personnel for the transportation of mail and packages.

Modification and rebuild
Leave the project to us

We ensure a successful delivery from start to finish.

Seabrokers Fundamentering

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We handle piling

With a large fleet of machines, we can deliver efficient and cost-effective piling jobs.

We get the job done

With 15 different drilling rigs, we can handle all types of drilling projects.

Sheet Piling and Anchor Drilling
Securing Excavation Sites

We have extensive experience in driving all types of sheet piles and have machines that can do this quickly and efficiently.

Jet Grouting
Gentle and versatile jet grouting

Jet grouting is a flexible technique where the solution is tailored to each individual project.

KC Piling
The only Norwegian provider of KC piling

We have experienced professionals with high expertise on our team.

Energy drilling
Energy Wells - Sustainable, Conflict-free, and Profitable Renewable Energy

Seabrokers has extensive experience with energy wells. With our expertise, we can provide you with valuable advice and confidence in the energy choices you make.

Fundamantaion on the sea

Seabrokers carries out sea tracking. With our expertise and assistance, you are on safe ground even at sea