Sheet piling is a temporary and permanent method used to secure excavation sites and prevent slippage from existing buildings, roads, and terrain. We have a 40-ton excavator with a resonance-free vibratory pile driver. This minimizes vibrations and shocks in the surroundings, allowing for sheet piling close to existing structures.

Another method of securing an area is anchor drilling. This applies to both temporary and permanent anchoring of sheet piles, pipe sheeting, pipe walls, and beam pile walls. Anchor drilling is also used for soil nailing to stabilize slopes and for buoyancy anchoring of buildings/structures.

We have extensive experience in the field and use reputable suppliers of anchor materials. Our machines can drill all dimensions with top hammer drilling and can install casing pipes ranging from Ø 90mm to Ø 610mm using down-the-hole hammer drilling. Flexibility, strength, and endurance are essential when it comes to uninterrupted work at construction sites.

Seabrokers Foundation has a range of specialized machines for all types of foundation projects. Our combination excavation and sheet piling machines are carefully selected to perform flexible tasks, with quick equipment changes, whether it’s regular excavation, sheet piling, concrete cutting, or drilling. We can assist you with:

  • Sheet piling
  • Shoring
  • Securing
  • Excavation

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