Our machines are carefully selected for flexibility and quality. Several of the drilling rigs can drill at any angle from vertical to horizontal and have different weights and strengths to adapt to various conditions.

We have competent staff and certified welders who install steel cores of all dimensions, delivering a finished quality product to the client. Responsible and solution-oriented teams on the rigs, along with their knowledge and specialized equipment, make us highly efficient and able to deliver excellent solutions for our customers.

Our machines can drill casing pipes and anchors in most dimensions with pipe lengths ranging from 1 to 12 meters. Remote control increases the safety for the drilling operators. We drill everything from steel cores, pipe sheeting, beam pile walls, noise barrier foundations, energy drilling, anchor drilling, to underpinning.

If houses or buildings have settlement damage or are at risk of it, our mini rigs can perform underpinning. With their low working height, narrow width, and external power supply, the mini rigs can underpin existing buildings without indoor air pollution or the need to dismantle the structure.

They are powerful enough to drill up to 323 mm pipes. The mini rigs require a minimum ceiling height of 240 cm to operate but can enter doors as narrow as 75 cm. We have drilling rigs for all types of jobs and conditions – sizes and dimensions.

Our references



When the Lervigskvartalet is finished, there will be a new meeting place for Storhaug district in Stavanger. A total of 26,000 will be built square meters of building stock and the project Lervigskvartalet accommodates both primary school, kindergarten, multi-purpose hall, district centre, grocery store, offices and parking facilities.

Ivar UE03

New main water main west is a complex project with many people involved stakeholders. The main water main must, among other things, cross important roads waterways and the Jærbanen.

Grauthellertjønn bru

The Grautheller crossing marks the start of the new E39 between Kristiansand and Mandal. Grauthellertjønn bridge is a bridge that also marks the start on the planned new parcel through Kristiansand to the east. Our task was to lay foundations for the bridge foundations for this bridge. This was done with steel core piles into solid rock.

Kulturkvartalet Kai

Purpose The Kulturquartalet Kai or Kunstsiloen as it is also called in Kristiansand, will be a museum that will engage, surprise and excite. The location is on Odderøya in Kristiansand. Our job in this project was to reinforce the existing pier which is located there, with steel piles well down to solid rock.

Tangentoppen AS

Purpose Tangentoppen AS deals with the construction of 50 apartments divided into four blocks with commercial space on the 1st floor in Nesodden municipality. Our job in this project is to ensure a good foundation for the buildings down to solid rock.

Reestablishment of Langbrygga

Purpose The re-establishment of Langbrygga in Skien is a project under the auspices of Grenland Port where Arne Olav Lund is the main contractor. The work involves, among other things, the demolition of approximately 100 meters of the current one construction and establishment of new quay construction. In addition, it must a new VA facility is established behind the quay, and it must be re-established various equipment on the quay. Our job in this project is to create a good foundation down into solid rock, and also prevent the pier from slipping in the future as it is relatively steep mountain slope in this area with unstable masses.

New extension to the renowned food store Jacobs Holtet owned by NorgesGruppen Eiendom AS

Purpose The well-known grocery store Jacobs Holtet is to be renovated and expanded. 500 km2 will be demolished and then a new extension will be built in about a year 1100 km2. When it opens again, there will be an area of ​​approx. 2700 m2. Seabrokers' task in this project is to ensure foundations down to solid rock.

Jessheim Park

Purpose Jessheim's new district is being developed at Ullkisa's old stadium. It is being built modern apartments of all sizes. Our mission in this project was to ensure a good foundation for the building when using friction piles.

New police building east of Alna

Purpose The Stovner and Manglerud police stations are being merged into one large one station at Alna. The building will be ready for use in 2024. The purpose of the piling with the loose mass struts is to prevent collapse of the construction pit and to absorb the load from the main road by a lot heavy transport right outside the building.

Stovner Bad

Purpose Stovner Bad is being built in Fossumdumpa near Stovner center and the Tbanestasjonen. The bathroom will contain five pools, hot and cold bumps, falls and slides. In addition, the bathroom must have a wardrobe, an activity room, strength training room, social room and cafe in the dry zone. Our job in this project is to ensure a good foundation for itself built down to solid rock.

Rijeka havn, Kroatia

Rijeka er den største havnebyen i Kroatia. For å kunne ta imot større skip, vedtok de lokale myndighetene at sjøbunnen skulle senkes med 5 meter utenfor kai-anlegget Terminal Braidike 1.

Our machines

Comacchio mini foundation rig
Comacchio mini foundation rig

With low working height, minimal door opening requirements, and an external power unit, our new mini foundation rigs enable innovative methods of re-foundation. These mini rigs can re-foundation existing buildings without causing pollution or the need for demolition. 

Drilling Machine
Qmatec 4530 XLR

This is a Hitachi excavator-mounted drilling rig that can use 12-meter casing pipes for drilling dimensions ranging from 140mm to 610mm. It can drill up to 8 meters from the center of the machine, making it a highly flexible machine for most steel core projects.

Mini foundation rig
Klemm 702-2 mini rig

Our powerful mini rig can drill various anchor dimensions and angles and is highly efficient. Its small size and weight allow it to be lifted into small and inaccessible areas, such as pump chambers, sheet pile boxes, and culverts.

Drilling Machines
Nemek 407

This is a specialized rig for energy drilling. It is lightweight and equipped with rubber tracks, allowing it to access drilling locations without causing significant damage to the terrain. The rig is powerful and modern, with large storage capacity that ensures continuous drilling operations.

Drilling Machines
Nemek 510

This drilling rig is designed for challenging terrains. It can handle various drilling angles and can be used for water drilling, energy drilling, foundation drilling, and horizontal drilling. The rig offers excellent maneuverability and is quick and easy to set up for drilling on-site.

Drilling Machines
Nemek 1130 TS

A robust and versatile multifunctional drilling rig that gets the job done. The rig is designed for vertical drilling and inclined drilling up to 45 degrees. This substantial drilling rig can handle 6-meter-long drilling rods with up to a 508-millimeter diameter. Seabrokers Fundamentering has 3 of these machines.

Drilling Machine
Comacchio MC 40

The Comacchio MC40 can drill pipes up to 900mm in diameter and 12 meters in length. The MC 40 is a powerful drilling rig with a 2-speed drilling head, allowing for a maximum drilling force of 4800 Nm.

Drilling machines
Nemek 810

The Nemek 810TS is an off-road foundation rig with a 7 meter mast, which can drill up to 6 meter long workpieces. This foundation rig handles all hole angles, and can be used for both foundation drilling, water drilling, energy drilling and horizontal drilling.

Klemm 806-5G
Compact and powerful drilling rig

Klemm 806-5G is a compact and powerful rig that can drill with a countersink or top hammer at all angles. Its powerful torque enables it to drill in tough geological conditions. Its compact size makes it stand out and can work in most places. Klemm 806-5G is a very versatile drilling rig that is suitable for all types of jobs and hole types.