Seabrokers Group continues to expand its offers within foundation work and is now setting up a new company to compete within barge operations. Dagfinn Dybvik, one of the most skilled professionals in the field, will join the team.

– During nearly 20 years, we have executed a large number of barge operations. Now, we are showing stronger dedication to this field, strengthening our team both in terms of personnel and equipment. I am particularly proud that we are bringing on board someone as talented and renowned in the industry as Dagfinn Dybvik. He is operational from day one, bringing in experience and a network that will enable us to take on even larger projects in a increased portfolio. We are already involved in projects in Rogaland and are exploring opportunities in various parts of Norway,” said Ketil Solvik-Olsen, CEO of Seabrokers Fundamentering.

Seabrokers Fundamentering commit to becoming the preferred partner for foundation works in construction projects across the country. The company has become one of the major players in foundation work in Norway. Last year, the company strengthened its focus on energy wells through Seabrokers GeoEnergi. Additionally, they established Seabrokers Dolomiti to specialize in various aspects of the field. Through Seabrokers Dolomiti, we do KC piling, horizontal drilling, rock reinforcement, and jet piling.The establishment of Seabrokers Fundamentering Sjø AS is the latest addition to their portfolio.

– We aim to be a complete provider of foundation services, and barge work is part of our portfolio. We see many harbor and bridge projects that must and should be improved and expanded in the coming years, and we believe these should be carried out by a company with strong Norwegian roots and skilled professionals. By investing in new machinery, we are increasing capacity with experienced operators and a robust fleet of machines, making it easier for us to handle larger and parallel projects. I see that we can achieve synergies through the expertise we gain from knowledgeable minds and the diversity of projects,” says Solvik-Olsen.

Seabrokers Fundamentering Sjø AS will be a specialized company within Seabrokers Fundamentering, capitalizing on the extensive staff and machinery pool available in Seabrokers Group. Their first project is already underway in Jåttåvågen, just outside Stavanger, followed by a larger dock project in Egersund.

About Seabrokers Fundamentering:

Seabrokers Fundamentering is headquartered in Forus. It has operations all over Norway, with offices in Bamble, Bergen, Oslo, and Trondheim. The company provides a large portfolio of foundation services, including piling, sheet piling, drilling, KC piling, and jet piling. They are also one of Norway’s major players in energy well construction.

The company has experienced significant growth over the years and achieved over 500 MNOK in revenue in 2022, with more than 100 full-time employees and a large machinery fleet. In recent years, the company has taken on several apprentices and is actively involved in creating opportunities for young individuals interested in the machines.

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