After 25 days on the ice, it was an exhausted but very happy shipbroker that landed on Sola Airport 28th of May 2015. The accomplishment is described as a tough, hard and an extremely demanding confirmation of the importance of teamwork and a first-hand experience on how a team solves huge challenges one person with great difficulty would solve alone during the expedition. Each and every one in the group experienced some form of hardship, both physically and psychologically throughout the trip and was truly dependent on support and advice from the others in the team at different stages of the expedition.

The importance of teamwork is very easily translated to the shipbroking profession, where one has to work independently towards set goals at the same time as fully cooperating with colleagues is crucial in order to reach the goals in the best manner possible for our clients. In true Seabrokers spirit, one of our competitive edges are to think and act differently, a vision that continuously gives our customers innovative and better solutions.

To cross Greenland on skies has to be considered somewhat different. Very different to the norm. The experiences our broker gained throughout the journey across the ice will be further taken onboard in our dynamic working environment in order to keep on taking on challenges, set out extreme high goals for ourselves and not to mention think differently, not just whilst crossing Greenland, but in our everyday business in our many offices around the world.

Seabrokers congratulates our broker on the achievement.