Seabrokers involved in a project in Italy

While Norwegian track and field stars excel at the European Championships in Rome, Seabrokers is in a project for new bridge

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 18/06/2024 • News

Seabrokers with a project in Sweden

The Seabrokers logo appears for the first time on an international project.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 27/03/2024 • News

Press Release: We are proud to announce that Seabrokers Fundamentering has achieved ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications!

This is a significant milestone for us as a company, as it confirms our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure working environment for our employees and partners, while also taking care of the environment.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 27/10/2023 • News

Livsvitenskapsbygget in Oslo

Livsvitenskapsbygget is a good example of the interaction model working, especially in projects with very complicated basic conditions.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 13/02/2023 • News

Seabrokers Fundamentering – fokus på kvalitet

Det er med stor glede vi kan melde om at vi nå er ISO sertifisert.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 30/01/2023 • News, News

Seabrokers becomes the representative for Robbins TBM

We are proud that Robbins TBM has chosen Seabrokers Fundamentering to be their representative in the Nordic market.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 20/12/2022 • News

Congratulations for having taken the certificate in well and drilling subject

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 27/09/2022 • Uncategorized

Kjøper fundamenteringsvirksomheten til Consto Dambygg AS

Seabrokers Fundamentering AS har inngått avtale med Consto Dambygg AS om kjøp av deres fundamenteringsvirksomhet. Seabrokers tilbyr arbeid til alle ansatte.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 15/07/2022 • News

Seabrokers begynner med Jet-Peling

Stort marked for Jet-Peling, starter selskap sammen med Dolomiti Rocce.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 29/06/2022 • News

Nå satser Seabrokers varmt på geoenergi!

Seabrokers har opprettet Seabrokers GeoEnergi AS. Vårt mål er å bli en ledende aktør på geoenergi i Norge.

Seabrokers Fundamentering • 06/04/2022 • News