About Seabrokers Foundation

Seabrokers Foundation was built on a vision to deliver everything within foundation work with agreed-upon quality, time, and price. With skilled employees and flexible machinery, we cover a wide range of specialized assignments. Over the years, we have become nationwide and continuously work on dozens of projects throughout the country.

Our headquarters are still located in Stavanger, and we have branch offices in Bamble, Bergen, and Oslo. We have pile rigs for standard piling and sheet piling tasks, as well as drilling rigs that perform drilling for steel cores, energy wells, horizontal drilling, and more. Our specialized piling machines allow for efficient and rational piling work, and we can perform jobs that were traditionally done on barges from the land with our machinery.

We also carry out shotcrete, anchor drilling, and sheet piling assignments with our specially built excavator. Our equipment is acquired with flexible working methods in mind, and skilled personnel ensure that we can execute specialized assignments within our focus areas. No project is too big or too small for Seabrokers Fundamentering.

Foundation work is more than just piling, drilling, and sheet piling. Foundation work is a solution for ground works. We have extensive experience and knowledge to provide the advice that helps us find good solutions together. The earlier we get involved in the process, the easier it is to come up with solutions and suggestions that can make your project technically sound, cost-effective, and sensible. 


The world needs access to more sustainable energy. We aim to help harness more of the Earth’s resources in the gentlest, most sustainable, and environmentally friendly way possible. We can assist, whether it’s for an industrial complex or a family home. And perhaps best of all, energy wells are highly economical and often pay for themselves within a few years.
We continuously work on reducing our environmental footprint by using biofuels and electrifying more of our production. Our environmental and energy philosophy also underlies our long-term commitment to energy drilling. We have drilled numerous energy wells throughout Norway.
About us
We get the job done professionally and efficiently

Founded in 2006 with the innovative drive that has always characterized Seabrokers, we surpassed half a billion Norwegian kroner in annual revenue in 2022. We have over a hundred dedicated individuals on our team.

Vision & Values
The first choice in foundation work

We aim to be the country's most attractive and preferred supplier of foundation services.

Our history

When Seabrokers Group was constructing a commercial building, we discovered a significant potential for improvement in the foundation industry. The solution was to establish Seabrokers Foundation.

Career Opportunities
We offer various career opportunities

Could you imagine a job as a machine operator, welder, helper or drilling rig operator?