Since the establishment of Seabrokers Group in 1982, our focus has been on sustainable innovation.

We have always been curious about new technology and environmentally friendly solutions, and we will continue to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Seabrokers Foundation is constantly striving to reduce our emissions, for example, through the use of biodiesel, steel reuse, and the introduction of electric vehicles.

Seabrokers Foundation specializes in building re-foundation, extending the lifespan of properties, and reusing old buildings, thus reducing the overall footprint and concrete usage.

The environmental and energy philosophy also underlies our long-term commitment to energy drilling. We collaborate with academia to further develop solutions with energy wells. We are a significant player in the market and have drilled numerous energy wells throughout Norway.

We aim to harness more of the Earth’s resources in the most cautious, sustainable, and environmentally friendly manner. We can assist, whether it’s for an industrial complex or a family home. And perhaps best of all, energy wells are highly cost-effective and often pay for themselves within a few years.

Corporate Social Responsibility
A responsible corporate citizen

With a focus on people, work environment, and society.

Sustainable Development Goals
With a focus on the future

Seabrokers Foundation will contribute to achieve global climate goals.

Health, Safety & Environment
HSE is ingrained in our core

Everyone working for Seabrokers is responsible for ensuring that health, safety, and environmental protection. The continued success of our company relies on excellent performance in HSE and the well-being of our employees.

Quality in every aspect

Seabrokers Foundation is certified according to ISO 9001, ensuring quality at every level.