Seabrokers Foundation was established by Seabrokers Group in 2006. At that time, the foundation market was dominated by a few suppliers connected to large construction companies. Based on our own experience within Seabrokers Group, we saw obvious room for improvement in the industry, both in terms of technology, efficiency, and modern equipment.

When we were constructing over 210,000 square meters of modern commercial buildings in Forus, Rogaland, the market situation in the foundation industry posed significant challenges for us. As a property developer, our needs were not being met, and this sparked our innovative spirit. In 2006, we established Seabrokers Foundation, and since then, we have grown steadily, both through organic growth and acquisitions.

After a few years, both Holt-Risa and Stangeland Foundation became part of the Seabrokers umbrella. In 2022, we further expanded our operations by establishing Seabrokers Dolomiti AS to strengthen our expertise in specialist tasks such as jet grouting, and we acquired KC Machines from Consto Dambygg. Additionally, we established a collaboration with American Robbins TBM as their local representative in Scandinavia.

Today, we are the country’s largest independent foundation company. We have positioned ourselves as a reliable, innovative, and nationwide company with experienced and solution-oriented employees. Together with our customers, we find good and cost-effective solutions. We are committed to long-term partnerships and delivering the best solutions for our customers. We believe that this lays the foundation for continued growth.

About us
We get the job done professionally and efficiently

Founded in 2006 with the innovative drive that has always characterized Seabrokers, we surpassed half a billion Norwegian kroner in annual revenue in 2022. We have over a hundred dedicated individuals on our team.

Vision & Values
The first choice in foundation work

We aim to be the country's most attractive and preferred supplier of foundation services.

Our history

When Seabrokers Group was constructing a commercial building, we discovered a significant potential for improvement in the foundation industry. The solution was to establish Seabrokers Foundation.

Career Opportunities
We offer various career opportunities

Could you imagine a job as a machine operator, welder, helper or drilling rig operator?