Seabrokers Foundation is a nationwide company that delivers everything within foundation work.

We have a large fleet of machines and skilled professionals who are experts in piling, drilling, and shoring. If you have more challenging ground conditions, the solution may be jet grouting or lime-cement (LC) piling. We can also help if you need access to water or want environmentally friendly energy wells. We can also assist with complex rock securing.

We handle piling

With a large fleet of machines, we can deliver efficient and cost-effective piling jobs.

We get the job done

With 15 different drilling rigs, we can handle all types of drilling projects.

Sheet Piling and Anchor Drilling
Securing Excavation Sites

We have extensive experience in driving all types of sheet piles and have machines that can do this quickly and efficiently.

Jet Grouting
Gentle and versatile jet grouting

Jet grouting is a flexible technique where the solution is tailored to each individual project.

KC Piling
The only Norwegian provider of KC piling

We have experienced professionals with high expertise on our team.

Energy drilling
Energy Wells - Sustainable, Conflict-free, and Profitable Renewable Energy

Seabrokers has extensive experience with energy wells. With our expertise, we can provide you with valuable advice and confidence in the energy choices you make.

Fundamantaion on the sea

Seabrokers carries out sea tracking. With our expertise and assistance, you are on safe ground even at sea