Lime stabilization, also known as KC piling, is a technique used to increase the load-bearing capacity of soil consisting of clay, quick clay, or other soil conditions with high humus and peat content. Seabrokers Fundamentering is proud to be the only fully Norwegian provider of KC piling in the Norwegian market.

The method is carried out using specialized equipment that mechanically blends a dry mixture traditionally consisting of burnt lime and cement with the clay. The highly reactive lime, in conjunction with cement and clay, forms piles that are installed in the ground in a pattern typically consisting of rows or a grid.

Advantages of lime stabilization:

  • Increased load-bearing capacity and stability in the area
  • Can be used as a vibration-reducing measure, often in relation to railways
  • Efficient method, resulting in cost savings
  • Quick curing time
  • Easy to ensure quality during execution
  • Enables the use of previously unsuitable building land due to clay/quick clay
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to many alternatives
  • Minimal noise during execution

At Seabrokers Fundamentering, we have extensive expertise in lime stabilization and are ready to assist you throughout the process. We ensure a solid foundation to stand on!

Our references


Det ble kalkstabilisert langs veien i krysset mellom E6 og E39 på Klett.


Purpose: Bærum municipality establishes a new storm water main through the area of ​​Jar. The area is known for sensitive quick clay.

Kirkegata 7, Mo i Rana

Oppføring av et boligkompleks i sentrum av Mo i Rana. Området består av både leire med middel fast stabilitet og kvikkleire.

NPK Kristiansand

NPK (new building Psykisk Helse) is a new hospital that was built just south of the existing hospital in Kristiansand. The area is characterized by both sensitive clay and quick clay. There are also traces of possible earlier quick clay landslides


Det ble kalkstabilisert langs veien i krysset mellom E6 og E39 på Klett.

Nygård Sykehjem

Nygård sykehjem i Sandefjord ble bygget ut på en eksisterende parkeringsplass. På grunn av sensitiv leire i grunnen ble det benyttet kalkstabilisering.

Our KC-pilers

8910 Rig
8910 KC-rig

This is our smallest KC rig. With its two internal tanks for lime cement, it is flexible and well suited to either narrow city streets or e.g. VA trenches while the strength does not prevent it from being effective on larger jobs. It has a maximum depth of 18 metres.

8911 Rig
8911 KC-rig

Well suited for our toughest assignments. The largest rig has a maximum depth of 25 metres, an internal tank with over 4m³ of lime cement and great strength. Well suited for our toughest assignments.

8905 Carrier
8905 Carrier

The link between the rigs and the warehouse. A separate carrier that is used as the link between the rigs and a silo or other storage space for the lime cement on the construction site.