HSE work is an integral part of our business operations and should be ingrained in the core of all our employees. We produce quality products that can be safely used by our customers, and we strive for excellence in all our deliveries. At Seabrokers, we maintain an open and receptive dialogue with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers.

We aim to deliver “that little extra” and be known for quality in every aspect. We are always looking for improvements and recognize contributions that lead to positive synergies in HSE standards and better results.

Seabrokers is a learning organization that understands the tasks at hand and recognizes the risks associated with the laws and requirements applicable to our work. We carry out our work in accordance with legislation, requirements, and guidelines, actively contributing to knowledge transfer.

At Seabrokers, we actively contribute to a good and safe working environment where respect, well-being, and inclusion are highly valued. Our leaders are responsible for ensuring that relevant and important information related to work tasks and the psychosocial work environment is easily accessible to all employees, and they should be available to the employees.

Annual employee conversations and work environment surveys are conducted to maintain a healthy and positive work environment that promotes individual and company results. We carry out our work in accordance with laws and regulations. Our goals are simple and clear – no accidents, no personal injuries, and no environmental damage.

Corporate Social Responsibility
A responsible corporate citizen

With a focus on people, work environment, and society.

Sustainable Development Goals
With a focus on the future

Seabrokers Foundation will contribute to achieve global climate goals.

Health, Safety & Environment
HSE is ingrained in our core

Everyone working for Seabrokers is responsible for ensuring that health, safety, and environmental protection. The continued success of our company relies on excellent performance in HSE and the well-being of our employees.

Quality in every aspect

Seabrokers Foundation is certified according to ISO 9001, ensuring quality at every level.