Heavy construction work can be impressive due to the size of the machines and the noise they generate. However, for us, it’s primarily about craftsmanship and skilled professionals who deliver quality results.

This approach has helped us build a loyal and growing customer base, making us the largest independent foundation company in Norway with a broad portfolio of services. Along the way, we have tackled some of the most challenging ground conditions in Norway.

In close collaboration with construction companies, we create a secure foundation for structures that will last for generations. We take pride in delivering high-quality execution, on schedule, and within budget.

Amidst all this, we are also committed to our collective future. That’s why we continuously work to reduce our environmental footprint, using biofuels and electrifying more of our operations.

We engage in creating informal meeting places where people of all ages can develop an interest and passion for machinery and tools. And we work closely with local schools to provide a learning environment for students who show an interest in our passion – building a better future, one foundation at a time.

About us
We get the job done professionally and efficiently

Founded in 2006 with the innovative drive that has always characterized Seabrokers, we surpassed half a billion Norwegian kroner in annual revenue in 2022. We have over a hundred dedicated individuals on our team.

Vision & Values
The first choice in foundation work

We aim to be the country's most attractive and preferred supplier of foundation services.

Our history

When Seabrokers Group was constructing a commercial building, we discovered a significant potential for improvement in the foundation industry. The solution was to establish Seabrokers Foundation.

Career Opportunities
We offer various career opportunities

Could you imagine a job as a machine operator, welder, helper or drilling rig operator?